MaCRoM has its origins in the Energy Transfer control center back in 2012 when their leadership realized they needed to be ahead of the curve with the imminent implementation of the PHMSA CRM regulation.

As a home-grown application, MaCRoM started to take shape as the tool for day to day management of events, outages, shift turnover, and safety protocols.

In 2015, Tory-Tech and Energy Transfer decided to partner to turn MaCRoM into a commercial application and at the same time re-design and modernize it architecture. The result is MaCRoM 3 as a standard corporate application that fulfills the PHMSA requirements which have been deployed to all their gas and liquid pipelines.

Project: MaCRoM 3 Development and Implementation

Status: Completed

Tory-Tech initiated operations in 2012 as provider of compact flow measurement equipment and OCP was our firts client. This year OCP celebrated the milestone of having transported 20 million barrels of crude oil through their pipeline. All the the crude coming from Colombia through trucks is measured at Tory-Tech’s terminal in the border between Ecuador and Colombia.

Project: Compact Flow Measurement Equipment

Status: Completed

TGI has become the model in Latin America for gas flow measurement management. COSMOS/FLOWCAL has been for four years one the mission-critical applications for their daily operation. Also, in 2019, TGI completed the implementation of MaCRoM for its control room in Bogota, Colombia. TGI is at the forefront of the digital transformation in Colombia.

Project: COSMOS/FLOWCAL Implementation | MaCRoM 3 implementation

Status: Completed

ECOPETROL started a huge undertaking of digital transformation back in 2018. As part of that effort and after an extensive period of review and analysis, they determined the modernization of their measurement systems was one of the top priorities.

ECOPETROL and Tory-Tech launched a pilot project to evaluate COSMOS as the measurement data solution for all their assets.

COSMOS demonstrated to be the right tool to handle the complex and extended ECOPETROL networks of assets of crude, refined, and gas production.

Project: COSMOS Implementation – 5 phases

Status: Production rollout of phases 1-4


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