From pipelines to refineries to traffic control, all control rooms can rely on MaCRoM™ as the comprehensive solution to manage all the activities affecting the control room and its communications with other departments in the company. A truly collaborative tool with a flexible design tailored to the specific needs of your business processes that allows control rooms to stay on top of any activity that directly impacts the safe operation of your assets.

Log with a purpose

MaCRoM’s electronic logbook is no ordinary log book. It allows capturing not only ordinary events entered by the controller, but also automatically captures events generated by other modules and system, thus providing a true feed of all the activity in and around the control room.

Never skip a beat

Outages in your assets must be carefully planned, approved, tracked, and documented. MaCRoM’s Outage Management module has helped our clients save millions of dollars by effectively coordinating outages to minimize the downtime of the assets. With MaCRoM, project teams and the control room have a central place to exchange information, progress, and approvals of project-related outages.

Embrace change

Managing change is always challenging and many existing application tend to over-complicate the process. Control rooms require a simple yet effective solution to make sure changes are well documented, approved and acknowledged by all the personnel involved. MaCRoM’s MOC module focuses on the control room needs but its design makes it extensible to any other part of the organization.

Smooth transitions

MaCRoM’s Shift Management module makes the shift review and handover process as easy as it can be. Controllers use configurable checklists, attachments and comments to thoroughly document the shift to make sure the next controller has an accurate picture of the assets when the shift starts. Everything is documented and stored in MaCRoM’s database, making traceability and reporting really easy.

Call who?

MaCRoM has a robust and flexible callout and shift scheduling module designed to manage field maintenance teams and controller’s schedules so everybody knows who is on call at any time at any of location, thus providing contact information fast!. With VOIP integration capabilities, controllers can call field personnel right from the application. Don’t have a ticket management system? Not a problem, the callout module integrates with MaCRoM’s ticket management tool so you can assign tasks to the people on call and track their process.

A walk in the cloud

MaCRoM simplicity is fully realized when deployed as a service in ToryCloud. No hardware, no IT teams, no fuss. It is all included in a simple and affordable monthly subscription price.

Any device, anywhere

Devices come in all shapes and sizes, MaCRoM’s uses a modern responsive interface which allows it to be used in any desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.

Take CRM to the next level

Initial Notifications

Document contact and interaction with the general public.

Safety Protocols

Properly document and approve alarm dismissal

Ticket Management

Assign and track field tasks and activities

CRM Forms

Create PHMSA-required forms for pipelines

Abnormal Operating Conditions

Document critical safety-related SCADA alarms

SCADA Point to Point Testing

Manage all SCADA Point to Point test in a centralized database with an easy to use user interface.

CRM Document Management

Manage and track all your CRM-related documentation

Project Tracker

Collaboration tool for the project teams and controllers

Encroachment & Right of Way

Track ownership and encroachments of your right of way

Google Maps Integration

Display geo-location data in Google Maps

Integrated Chat

Still using WhatsApp to run your Control Room?

Equipment Tracking

Track the history of your critical control equipment in the field

And more coming soon!