Alarm floods, chattering alarms, nuance alarms, suppressed alarms, wrong priorities are issues most operating companies face with their SCADA or DCS Alarm System. Without a proper Alarm Management tool, sooner or later, most alarm systems degrade and produce far too many useless alarms that often mask the real critical alarms that require attention.A poorly functioning alarm system creates unnecessary console operator workload or desensitizes their attention, increasing the risk of incidents or accidents.
Modern SCADA and DCS systems make it very easy to create new alarms, but the effectiveness and impact of such alarms in the overall operation can often be overlooked.
Identifying the “bad actors” in an alarm system can be challenging when using conventional tools like Excel, often requiring a labor-intensive process and a lot of data manipulation.
MaCRoM 4 includes a new SCADA Alarm Management module designed from the ground up to help you analyze and optimize your alarm system with minimal effort.

Analyze, Rationalize, Maintain.

The first step towards alarm system optimization is to have a clear picture of the current state of your alarm system. MaCRoM imports historical alarm log data directly from the SCADA and produces a set of statistics and KPI’s that paint a clear picture about how well your alarm system is functioning.

With this analysis, you will have the factual data to rationalize and avoid nuance or useless alarms and ensure the system annunciates what indeed constitutes an alarm.

Real-Time Monitoring

With a continuous integration with the SCADA alarm log, MaCRoM generates near real-time statistics of your alarm system for the current day or current shift. In this way, you can stay ahead of the game when it comes to alarm evaluation.

Master Alarm Database

Modern alarm management best practices recommend that a proper alarm system include a master alarm database maintained outside the existing alarm system. Such a master alarm database allows the implementation of adequate change management procedures with the corresponding auditability and traceability of the changes.

MaCRoM 4 implements an independent Master Alarm Database that you use as the master repository of alarm configuration with the proper tools to maintain it.

Manage change like you always intended

The Alarm Management module in MaCRoM 4 integrates with the Management of Change module, allowing you to properly document, approve and apply changes to your alarm system while complying with regulation and best practices.

Have a philosophy, enforce a philosophy

Having well-defined alarm philosophy is a fundamental piece of a proper alarm management system. The MaCRoM Alarm Philosophy component provides the tools to create, maintain and enforce the company’s alarm philosophy tying it directly to the master alarm database and MOC.

A well-oiled alarm machine

With all components working together, MaCRoM provides the most comprehensive and modern solution for alarm management.

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