An Introduction

As the acronym suggests, a SMADA system provides Measurement data acquisition capabilities and integrated data analytics specifically for volumetric accounting. Simple and to the point.


The SMADA is designed to specifically attend the needs of the measurement groups within the pipeline or production company without having to rely on the SCADA system. SCADA is left for what is design for, real-time process monitoring and process control. The SMADA focuses on EFM providing the following features:

  • Automatic EFM data gathering directly from the source (flow computers, tanks, and laboratories)
  • Focus on daily closing data snapshots (real-time data gathering is not critical)
  • User high-frequency data sampling in flow computers for accurate calculations.
  • Alternative mechanisms for secure manual data entry when automatic data is not possible.
  • Built-in algorithms to validate EFM data based on API best practices and recommendations.
  • Built-in tools to perform volumetric balances of closed systems.
  • Traceability and auditability of the entire data life-cycle.
  • Access control and segregation of duties.
  • Advanced data analytics and KPI’s.
  • Tools for maintenance and calibration of EFM-related instrumentation and equipment.
  • API’s or other mechanisms to share output data with external systems like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

The SMADA concept is made possible by the technological advances in data communication, Internet access speed, Internet of Things (IoT), standardization of EFM data, cloud computing and others. Despite its traditionally conservative approach, the Oil & Gas industry is accelerating the pace of migrating systems and solutions to the cloud and adopting concepts like software as service (SaaS).

The SMADA concept is fully realized when implemented in the cloud as an IoT ecosystem. cloud-based solutions offer the following advantages:

  • Cost-effective high-availability IT infrastructure: providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform are making the migration to the cloud a no-brainer decision from the cost point of view.
  • Easy access anywhere, anytime. Having SMADA in the cloud allows easy access to the system from anywhere at any time with a simple internet connection.
  • Integration web services. Secure web services API’s to integrate applications in different clouds.

Tory Technologies, Inc. offers COSMOS, a complete IoT SMADA solution powered by ACM by Autosol as the core polling engine and FLOWCAL as the core SMADA engine. For more information about Tory-Tech’s SMADA solution visit the COSMOS page.