HOUSTON, Texas — April 2022 — Tory Technologies, Inc. is proud to announce that one of its clients in Mexico is implementing COSMOS™ as the SMADA platform to gather, manage, validate, process, and distribute all the volumetric measurement data of its gas transport network.

With the firm commitment to comply with all the regulatory requirements known as “Miscelanea Fiscal” and in line with the vision to implement a truly digital transformation across its client’s needs, Tory Technologies will provide COSMOS™ to Sempra Infrastructure in México.

COSMOS™, from Tory-Tech, is a modern SMADA solution designed to specifically attend to the needs of the measurement departments in pipeline companies, focusing specifically on Electronic Flow Measurement (EFM) data management and field measurement equipment management.

COSMOS consolidates the advanced functionality from both FLOWCAL® and TESTit®, with EFM data gathering tools and wraps it all up with a powerful API and a very intuitive web portal. COSMOS facilitates the sharing and distribution of measurement information across the entire organization.


Our client will use all the functionality offered by COSMOS™ to consolidate and certify its volumetric data, allowing them to comply with the Mexican regulation and ensuring the proper use and distribution of this data across the company as well as to third parties. 

Sempra Infrastructure in Mexico is already an advanced user of FLOWCAL, aiming to expand the application’s capabilities to validate volumetric and balance data. TESTit will also be incorporated into the solution to help manage and keep an accurate control and record of all its field activities related to inspections, calibrations, and certifications. With these tools, the organization will be able to secure the traceability and auditability of its measurement data, providing a high level of confidence to regulatory authorities and its clients about how the measurement data is managed.

Tory-Tech is pleased and proud of the opportunity to continue working with Sempra Infrastructure in México for the seventh year. Having COSMOS now implemented for their operation and as the foundation to manage all their volumetric data to comply with the Mexican regulation is a crucial milestone for Tory-Tech. 

Tory-Tech, a Houston-based corporation founded in 2012, designs, develops, integrates, and deploys intuitive corporate software solutions for Control Room Management [MaCRoM™], Measuring Data Management [COSMOS™], and corporate video streaming [Tory-Video™]. Decades of software development and implementation expertise have resulted in a unique suite of solutions specifically designed to solve critical challenges in control rooms and flow measurement departments. For additional information about Tory Technologies Inc., visit our website at www.tory-tech.com