An Introduction

We know that the control room can be a hectic place. Our Control Room Management application can help your company meet and exceed the API 1168 standards by making documentation easy and organized, therefore, efficient. We can provide an intuitive and collaborative workspace for controllers to record events, schedule tasks as well as coordinate activities, and create traceable procedures.

PHMSA’s pipeline safety regulations prescribe safety requirements for controllers, control rooms, and SCADA systems. The regulations address engineering and management solutions related to human factors to enhance the performance reliability of operator personnel that controls pipeline operations. These regulations generate significant public benefits by reducing the number and consequences of shortfalls in control room management practices. Also, operator errors are minimized when remotely monitoring and controlling pipeline facilities and responding to abnormal and emergency conditions.

MaCRoM™ is the Control Room Management software that helps pipeline companies meet these DOT/PHMSA regulation requirements. For more information, visit the DOT page here.


Master Control Room Management

MaCRoM™ is a specialized Control Room Management (CRM) web-based application. It was developed to fulfill all the needs and requirements of pipeline operators and regulatory agencies too. This solution will simplify and streamline your monitoring and management needs with an intuitive and innovative Electronic Logbook and a collaborative Callout Management module.

MaCRoM™ keeps all your relevant control room management records in a centralized and auditable database, as opposed to having multiple and segregated repositories. You can eliminate spreadsheets, paper forms, printed documents, emails in your daily procedures. Your controllers will always have MaCRoM™ at their fingertips, so they spend less time documenting as well as searching for information.

MaCRoM’s human factor management plan addresses the API 11168 requirements and offers solutions for:

  • Documentation of control room activities and actions, including emergency plans and operator tasks
  • Management of project tasks and activities
  • Callout team scheduling and management
  • System Outages
  • Key Performance Indicator reports


Solution Implementation

As industry experts, Tory-Tech understands the dynamics of this business and the challenges to deploy mission critical applications for control room management.

With our ToryCloud™ option, implementing a control management solution is really simple because you don’t have to worry about hardware and IT infrastructure. This is a true worry-free software as a service solution, hence, you focus on what matters to you: your control room operation.

As a result of our holistic approach, we are uniquely positioned to help with the following control room-specific needs.

  • Project Management
  • Solution Analysis and Design
  • CRM Consulting Services
  • Software Configuration and Deployment
  • Software Support