A cloud platform for securely and privately share video content with your employees and clients without using public access platforms like YouTube and without the limitations and complexities of sharing content from SharePoint or Microsoft Office.

 ″It’s like a corporate private YouTube!”


 Training videos

 Recorded videoconferencing meetings

 Recorded Webcasts

 Tutorials and how-to’s

 Product Demos

Access to your content is restricted to the email domains you authorize, so your confidential information is never available to the general public.

Your clients, partners and employees access your Toryvideo portal.

User access is granted based on the email domains you allow.

Users can search videos by keyword,  category, tags, language or favorites through a simple and intuitive interface.



Users signup on their own and manage their own passwords. Minimal user admin work on your part.


Toryvideo uses the latest Oauth2 and OpenID protocols for authenticating users and protecting your video content against unauthorized access.


You can flag videos to be visible only to specific domains, in this way, you can publish videos for internal use only or for specific clients only.
Also, you can limit the categories a domain has access to, so you can restrict access to videos by products or line of business area.


A fully responsive UI to allow video playback on any device.


Toryvideo is a subscription-based software as service. No infraestructure or IT fuzz, we take care of everything.