The world’s first SMADA solution

COSMOS is Tory-Tech’s SMADA solution that provides measurement departments a dedicated set of applications specifically designed for collecting, managing and analyzing Electronic Flow Measurement data.
COSMOS uses Autosol as the IoT polling engine for retrieving EFM data directly from flow computers to the cloud and FLOWCAL as the measurement management engine.
These two powerful engines combined with Tory-Tech’s modern and agile user interface and analytics module provides a robust and complete solution for measurement management.

Starting with the acquisition of Electronic Flow Measurement (EFM) directly from field devices, the COSMOS measurement ecosystem includes a powerful IoT data acquisition component that can virtually connect to any flow computer or measurement device out there, including 3rd party databases.

Once data arrives on the cloud, the powerful FLOWCAL engine validates it and provides the tools needed by the measurement specialists to ensure the volumetric data is free of exceptions.

The COSMOS API allows to share this valuable measurement data with other corporate applications like Nominations and Accounting applications as well as terminal automation systems.

The COSMOS Web Portal offers a friendly and easy to use interface to share the measurement data at all levels of the organization.

A well-oiled measurement system requires an equally robust and complete metrology solution.

Combining the functionality of TESTit from Quorum Software with the user-friendly COSMOS web portal and the openness of the COSMOS Web API, we have created the metrology ecosystem which is the perfect complement to the Measurement Ecosystem. 

From calibration management, to task scheduling and tracking, let COSMOS help you keep on top of your measurement components.

Measurement data as you’ve never seen before

We combine the power of the FLOWCAL enterprise suite with a simple and friendly UI to let you discover a whole new face of your measurement data with the right touch of analysis and statistics.
COSMOS also provides simple tools for entering manual data when you don’t have the luxury of automated polling because of lack of connectivity, poor communication or legacy equipment.

Helping you keep your devices in tip-top shape

TESTit is great at managing all the activities around metrology. COSMOS puts some icing on the cake by allowing you to implement a robust flow measurement calibration program. The COSMOS Metrology module gives you and your customers peace of mind about having the optimal instruments for the optimal flow measurement.

Here’s is the secret sauce

With some pretty serious number crunching, the COSMOS KPI module gives you the true picture of your overall measurement system. Dice it and slice it any way you like so you get the whole picture or zoom into that single meter that has been making you lose money without you even noticing. COSMOS also helps you determine if your flow measurement systems are the right setup for you by analyzing your operating conditions and the device specifications through the optics of the API recommendations.

A walk in the cloud

 Cosmos simplicity is fully realized when deployed as a service in ToryCloud. No hardware, no IT teams, no fuss. It is all included in a simple and affordable monthly subscription price.

Integrated Google Maps

Display geo-located measurement data on Google Maps right in COSMOS.

Azure AD Integration

Integrate with your Azure Active Directory for a seamless single sign-on experience.

Visual KPI's

Graphs and widgets with meaningful statistics to get the most out of your measurement data.

Data Entry Forms

Handle manual data entry for dynamic and static data for meter, batch, scale and tank tickets.

Product Quality Data

Handle manual data entry for product quality and lab data.

Web Services API

Powerful web services to integrate your measurement with other systems like nominations, volumetric accounting, TMS, etc.

Virtualized Apps

Run FLOWCAL or TESTit right from the browser so there is no need of any local software installation.

Role-based security

A robust role-based security platform to allow/restrict access with ease.

Tank Management

Manage tank’s Strapping Charts with a simple interface.

Metering Systems Management

Handle manual data entry for dynamic and static data for meter, batch, scale and tank tickets.