CENIT, the largest liquid pipeline operator in Colombia, has now contracted Tory Technologies, Inc. to implement their COSMOS® SMADA Solution as part of CENIT’s digital transformation initiative.

Tory Technologies has developed the concept of the SMADA (Supervisory Measurement Acquisition and Data Analytics) system as a fully comprehensive solution for measurement data management, integrating FLOWCAL® with robust field data gathering engines and a powerful visualization and analytic web application. The SMADA solution, known as COSMOS, was designed and developed with the main objectives of gathering, analyzing, sharing, and distributing the processed measurement data across the corporation. COSMOS uses FLOWCAL as its measurement management engine. FLOWCAL, by Quorum Software, is the most robust gas and liquids measurement data management system available in the industry, streamlining the measurement process and optimizing data integrity.

“We are very excited and pleased to continue expanding our presence in South America, working for some of the major oil and gas companies in the region. Having CENIT as part of our user base will allow us to keep growing and consolidate our operation in Colombia, making even a stronger commitment to provide the best services and software solutions to our clients all over the region,” says René Varón, President and CEO of Tory Technologies.

CENIT is devoted to transforming the way measurement data is processed throughout the entire company. By implementing COSMOS, CENIT is looking to secure and certify the quality and integrity of its volumetric data, following the best international practices in the industry.

CENIT is a Colombian firm engaged in the provision of transport, storage, logistics, and port services to the oil and gas industry. The company was formed in 2013 in order to manage more than 5,000 miles of oil and refined product pipelines, as well as truck terminals and ports within the country.

Tory Technologies, Inc., also known as Tory-Tech, is a Houston-based corporation founded in 2012, that designs, develops, integrates, and deploys intuitive corporate software solutions for Control Room Management, Measuring Data Management, and corporate video streaming. Decades of expertise in software development and implementation have resulted in a unique suite of solutions specifically designed to solve critical challenges in control rooms and flow measurement departments.

To learn more about how COSMOS can help with your measuring data management, visit our web page or contact us at info@tory-tech.com.