Tory Technologies, Inc. announces that Transportadora Associada de Gas (TAG) has selected COSMOS® as the SMADA solution platform to gather, manage, validate, process, and distribute all the volumetric measurement data of its gas transport network. Controlled by ENGIE, the largest private energy company in Brazil, in consortium with Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ), a global investment group managing funds for public retirement and insurance plans, TAG owns the most expansive network of transport pipelines in the country, covering approximately 4,500 km, mainly in the Northeast coast of Brazil and Amazon region, passing through almost 200 municipalities in 10 Brazilian states. The company´s network represents 47% of the country’s gas infrastructure, providing greater reliability and security of supply to multiple market segments within the country.

Committed to providing the best transportation service to its customers, TAG is implementing a solid and robust IT infrastructure to support its operation. One of the critical components of a reliable service is ensuring its clients the validity and integrity of the measurement data and the associated measurement systems, as these are the foundation for invoicing and balance accounting.

A SMADA solution is designed to specifically attend to the needs of the measurement departments in pipeline companies, focusing specifically on Electronic Flow Measurement (EFM) data management. COSMOS is the SMADA solution from Tory-Tech that consolidates the advanced functionality from FLOWCAL® and TESTit®, with EFM data gathering tools and wrapping it all up with a powerful API and a very intuitive web portal. COSMOS facilitates the sharing and distribution of measurement information across the entire organization.

TAG will rely on COSMOS to secure the EFM field data directly from its flow computers and then process and validate this information with FLOWCAL, while simultaneously managing all the activities related to the metrology plan with TESTit, ensuring the standardization of calibration and maintenance activities of the flow measurement devices. With COSMOS, TAG will secure the traceability and auditability of its measurement data, providing a high level of confidence to its clients about how the measurement data is managed.


This opportunity to work with another strategic pipeline operator in Brazil marks a significant milestone for Tory-Tech. First, it allows Tory-Tech to continue promoting the concept of SMADA applications and solidifies its presence within the Brazilian industry. After completing this project, two major gas pipeline operators in Brazil, TAG and NTS, will be using COSMOS as their measurement management solution.

Tory Technologies, Inc., also known as Tory-Tech, is a Houston-based corporation founded in 2012, that designs, develops, integrates, and deploys intuitive corporate software solutions for Control Room Management, Measuring Data Management, and corporate video streaming. Decades of expertise in software development and implementation have resulted in a unique suite of solutions specifically designed to solve critical challenges in control rooms and flow measurement departments.

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