COSMOS capabilities

FLOWCAL® and its field applications, TESTit® and PROVEit®, have become the standard for the Oil & Gas industry when it comes to measurement data management and metrology. Providing users with advanced tools to consolidate and validate all the data related to volumetric measurement and metering systems is critical for any oil & gas operator, so these applications play a fundamental role in the entire operation.

Facing the challenges imposed by COVID-19, such as limited physical access to some locations, constrains gathering and consolidating data from the field, and having to review, process, and approve information by multiple teams working remotely from home, is now the new normal.

Creating collaborative environments to share and analyze data is becoming a necessary task for any digital transformation process. Beyond the challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations realize that getting and processing the information is not relevant if such information cannot be easily shared with the right people and sent to the right applications with the proper format at the right time.

COSMOS® has been created as the vehicle to enable this collaborative environment around the Oil & Gas flow measurement process. COSMOS streamlines the gathering process to bring the raw measurement data to the core applications, FLOWCAL, TESTit, and PROVEit, and then publishing the processed data to the right people and applications within the corporation.

COSMOS takes the output data from FLOWCAL and makes it available to other systems, such as nomination systems, volumetric accounting, and invoicing. It also formats the data to present it to the company’s appropriate levels in the form of KPIs, widgets, and graphs.

With COSMOS, more and more people across the organization get relevant data from volumetric transactions in the format and context that each one requires and understands. The top management’s KPIs are not the same ones needed by operations or maintenance teams; thus, COSMOS is becoming a real collaboration tool at any company level.

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