June 2019 – Continuing with its commitment for a digital transformation, ECOPETROL has entered into a master contract with Tory Technologies, Inc. to expand the initial implementation of the SMADA solution (COSMOS™), to their entire set of production assets and refineries in Colombia.

Tory Technologies, has developed the concept of the SMADA system (Supervisory Measurement Acquisition and Data Analytics), as a fully comprehensive solution for measurement data management, integrating the best tools in the market for measurement and metrology applications, FLOWCAL® and TESTit®, with robust field data gathering engines and a powerful visualization and analysis web application. This web application was designed and developed by Tory-Tech, with the main objectives of analyzing, sharing, and distributing the processed measurement data across the corporation. FLOWCAL and TESTit are industry-standard applications used to validate, recalculate, store, and report measurement data from field devices, and link that information to users and stakeholders throughout an organization.

By implementing the SMADA solution, ECOPETROL is looking to transform the way measurement data is gathered and processed throughout the entire company, from consolidating volumetric data in tanks and custody transfer meters for operational purpose, to standardize processes and procedures related measurement equipment inspections, calibrations and maintenances. All these activities, following the best international practices in the industry, defined and recommended by API.

Tory-Tech is very proud of having been selected by ECOPETROL to be part of this important transformation process. The commitment of the company is to work together with all the different production groups and refineries within ECOPETROL to accommodate the solution to their needs and become a true facilitator for all the tasks related to measurement and metrology management.

ECOPETROL S.A. is the largest company in Colombia and one of the top 5 companies in Latin America, it produces crude oil and natural gas; and engages in the extraction, collection, treatment, and storage, operating as a truly integrated oil company. ECOPETROL owns the two major refineries within the country and seven production districts, known as Production Vice-Presidencies, as well as, has ownership in multiple other operations within the country.

Tory Technologies, founded in 2012, is a Houston based corporation specialized in developing and commercializing advanced applications for the control room and measurement management system.

For additional information about Tory Technologies Inc., visit our website at www.tory-tech.com. For additional information about the COSMOS SMADA solution, visit the What Is SMADA article and out COSMOS page For more information on FLOWCAL, visit www.flowcal.com

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