Tory Technologies Inc. is happy to announce that Petrobras Transporte, S.A. (TRANSPETRO) has initiated the implementation of MaCRoM® as its standard Control Room Management application for all of its control rooms in Brazil.

MaCRoM is a specialized Control Room Management (CRM) web application software, developed by Tory Technologies, Inc., to address all the needs and requirements of API 1168 regarding Control Room Management and focusing on the human factors.

TRANSPETRO is the transportation logistics arm of the Brazilian energy group PETROBRAS. TRANSPETRO operates and maintains over 14,000 km of oil and multiproduct pipelines, 49 terminals, and 53 tankers ships. It is also involved in the maritime transportation of offshore oil and refined products, liquefied oil gas, ethanol, and biofuels, supplying the domestic and international markets.

TRANSPETRO operates the entire transportation network from its main control room located in downtown Rio de Janeiro. In this control room, there are 21 consoles to supervise and control the entire network’s operation. There are 36 additional onshore and offshore control rooms across the country dedicated to operating their distribution terminals.

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TRANSPETRO has entered a digital transformation process, modernizing its control rooms and implementing state-of-the-art technology to optimize and secure a safe operation of its transportation and distribution assets. As part of this transformation process, TRANSPETRO realized the need to implement a comprehensive and corporate-wide control room management system to standardize procedures, documentation, responses, and overall processes at all its control rooms. After an extensive and thorough evaluation process, TRANSPETRO selected MaCRoM as the best fit to materialize these objectives.

For this project, TRANSPETRO will be activating the full set of modules available in MaCRoM. The Enhanced Management of Change (MOC) module will play a key role since it will be implemented as the standard MOC system for the entire corporation. MaCRoM will allow TRANSPETRO to improve shift turnover times, asset downtime coordination, and the interaction between the control room with the rest of the corporation by consolidating all the CRM documentation and procedures in a centralized location. MaCRoM will create a truly collaborative environment for the TRANSPETRO operation. 

For Tory-Tech, this project represents an invaluable opportunity to solidify the presence and functionality of MaCRoM, but mainly the opportunity to keep working with an organization committed to achieving the highest standards in the industry.

Tory Technologies, Inc., also known as Tory-Tech, is a Houston-based corporation founded in 2012, that designs, develops, integrates, and deploys intuitive corporate software solutions for Control Room Management and Measuring Data Management. Decades of expertise in software development and implementation have resulted in a unique suite of solutions specifically designed to solve critical challenges in control rooms and flow measurement departments.

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